Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some Spooky Wedding Fun!

In light of Halloween tomorrow, I’m feeling festive and thought it’d be fun to see some Halloween wedding ideas! Wither you go with a gothlic, dark theme or a more light-hearted fun theme, there are so many fun options!

If you're hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception, this is a beautiful entrance! The glow of the pumpkins set a magical theme.

Two great ways to relate your theme to your guests.
I especially love this sign-Welcome to our
Hallo-Wedding...come in if you DARE!
Now this is adorable--the perfect little Halloween Flower girl!   

Little pumpkins make perfect place cards, and 'potions' and pumpkins as centerpieces would be simple and cute. Make up a fun drink and it gives your guests something to sample during cocktail hour!



 Personally--this might be taking it a liiittle too far...
but hey, to each their own! However, get a few manikins
and dress them up as the bride and groom, set them at the entrance
of the reception and it makes a fun trick to play on your guests!


Very cute and creative use of pumpkins and decor! You can also hollow out a large pumpkin, put a bowl or some sort of liner inside of it and use it as a punch bowl.

Depending on how far you are wanting to take your Halloween theme, you can even have a pumpkin cake! 


And I've saved the best for last...

 If you're having a Halloween themed wedding, carmel apples are an absolute must! So is this adorable pumpkin to tie it all together!

I hope you've enjoyed the spooky fun! Have a great Halloween and for any of you Halloween brides-I hope you get more treats than tricks! :)

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