Friday, August 23, 2013

Complete the Look: Shoes!

With all the tedious planning and detail finalizing, it’s no wonder a Bride lights up when it’s time for some Shopping Therapy. Just like the wedding itself, there is definitely a lot to think about and consider in order to achieve the completed look, but I’m sure with all the other wedding prep even something as fun as dressing up can add a bit  more stress to a Bride’s already-full plate. Now thanks to social media outlets like Pinterest and inspiration board sites, a gal can get started on putting together her look way before the Wedding Day approaches (and hopefully keep some of the sweat and tears at bay)! Today, I am focusing on shoes (yay!) covering styles ranging from casual to over-the-top, but let’s get started with the classics…
Whites, Ivory, or Cream. Simple Details. Timeless Silhouettes.
Now these shoes are also easily embellished with DIY appliqu├ęs.
Feathers, Rhinestones, and Lace are very trendy add-ons right now!

There are plenty of factors about the Big Day that can steer you towards shoes most appropriate for the occasion. For instance, are you making your vows on beautiful sandy beach? Or what about in a field, orchard, or backyard? Be careful about the type of heal you wear so you don’t sink into the ground, twist your ankle, and ruin the material! I think flats would be the most comfortable for such a long day on your feet; however, if you just can’t pass up a good heel, a pair of wedges may help an outdoor situation.

  The Sole-less “shoes” are very popular for beach weddings right now!
It’s like a necklace for your feet!

There are so many options available in the shoe department, and a Bride certainly is not limited to the classic ivory color palate. I’m really diggin’ these bright and bold options:

My favorite by far is this pair of blue velvet flats--so cute and comfortable!

Some ladies are straying from the oh-so-popular shabby chic look of last year and reverting back to sweet femininity. These darling pairs are a “shoe-in” for an ultra lady-like get up.

So sweet!

I know I mentioned feathers in the beginning of this post, and here are a couple of my favorites so far!

Details like the cutouts and stiletto gems on these sandals really set them apart from other pairs.  

  These art-deco inspired duds would look great at a classy 1920’s themed reception.

Dress with a bit of 1950’s-style with polka dots... ...or go for a vintage-feel with tea stained lace.

Another option to consider is having one pair for the ceremony and another for the reception after the party begins! Who wouldn’t want to boogie all night in a simple pair of sandals like these or even a pair of Toms?

So now that I have shown you some “normal” shoes, I figured I would end the post with some out-there & unique shoes that are more like sculptures and works of art than something to step on! But hey, ladies, it’s your day so strut your stuff!

The 2011 Alexander McQueen resin-sculpted heels (left) certainly made a statement a couple years ago and are still popular today!

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