Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top Wedding Movies

Nothing like a good movie to put you in the mood for a wedding! The following movies are some of our favorites when it comes to the romance, comedy, and the big day. This list is in no particular order but each movie has it's own unique characteristics to make it awesome.

Wedding Singer
Adam Sandler, Robbie is a wedding singer while Drew Barrymore is a waitress who works weddings. Both of these characters are preparing for separate weddings as they discover they have chosen the wrong partners. With a super cute love song scene on a plane, it's hard to miss this movie when contemplating the best wedding movies. 

Wedding Crashers

A hilarious and raunchy comedy about a couple dudes (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) who frequently crash weddings until they meet a pair of upper class sisters. The guys are invited to spend a weekend with the girls and their families who are currently preparing for weddings. Wilson falls in love with Rachel McAdams who becomes engaged while on the trip. To find out what happens, you'll just have to see the movie! 

My Best Friend's Wedding

When Julia Roberts best guy friend is preparing for his wedding, Julia realizes she is in love with him and tries to break up the couple days before the wedding. Roberts heads to sabotage the wedding only to be asked by the bride-to-be, Cameron Diaz, to be the maid of honor. The comical turn of events leads to ups and downs. But the movie still ends on a happy note, I promise. 

Runaway Bride
Another romanic classic with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. But, unlike Pretty Woman, Roberts plays a small town woman who cannot seem to be held down by a man or wedding. Gere, a city newspaper writer hears her story and learns that Roberts is betrothed to marry soon. The following scene is when Gere requests an interview with Roberts, Roberts and Joan Cusack realize that Gere had recently written a article with many factual errors regarding Roberts. Check out and see what happens to Gere...

27 Dresses

Jane, Katherine Heigl, is always a bridesmaid but never a bride. She fantasies about weddings, especially with her boss. However, when Heigl's younger sister comes into town, Heigl's boss falls for her sister. Be sure to watch this romcom (romantic+comedy) and enjoy Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A young greek woman, Nia Vardalos, falls in love with a non-Greek man. She struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity. With many funny and memorable scenes, this wedding movie is a classic. Be sure to watch till the end!

Father of the Bride
This movie is mostly in the parents perspective. Steve Martin's daughter is getting married, and Martin must come to terms that his little girl is now a woman. Watch as the family prepares for the big day with many hilarious moments.

Sweet Home Alabama

A classic romcom about a small town southern girl, Reese Witherspoon, who moves to the big city to make a name for herself. After her engagement, she realizes she must return to the small town and ask her long forgotten husband for a divorce. She gets more than she bargained for when she returns and must decide to pick her NYC or southern life. 

The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds plays a guy who has been a office slave to his boss (Sandra Bullock) for several years. When Bullock finds out she will be deported back to her homeland of Canada, she forces Reynolds to marry her for her visa and a promotion for Reynolds. Reynolds had already planned a trip back home, so to not look suspicious to the INS agent, Bullock and Reynolds go to Alaska to meet the family. Cute little movie. 

I Love You, Man

A wedding movie more in the perspective of the guy. Paul Rudd plays a guy-friendless man who struggles to find his best man for his upcoming wedding. After meeting Jason Segel, Rudd must find the happy balance of best friend and fiancee. 

These are some of our favorites, be sure to tell us some movies you like!

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