Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photo Backdrop Ideas

Everyone loves weddings, it's practically a scientific fact. Everyone loves to get dressed up, see friends and family they haven't seen in a while, eat cake, and dance their little hearts out. But do you know what people also love? Taking fun pictures to remember the night forever. Why not provide an awesome backdrop for some even more classy and humorous pictures? Here are some ideas we love! 

Recently popular idea; polarid shots!

 Chic balloon backdrop. 
I searched, and searched for an idea I visualized and could not find it. I imagined using a map, like the two above or a simple physical map of the world as a backdrop. Both would be adorable with people infront of. These maps above came from an awesome Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderingFables

If you used a map as a backdrop, send us your photos!!

This boat used as a photo prop is adorable. Taking the theme, "Beside the Sea" and turning it into a photo opportunity. 

Another super adorable idea: Chalkboard!

And don't forget, your guests will love the idea of writing messages or wedding advice to you on chalkboards!

Don't forget about the outside opportunities! Sheets of fabric and simple lanterns make a super cute backdrop. 

Another popular backdrop: ribbons! Add some string lights and you have it made!

Of course you can always opt for favorite, and rent a photo booth for the big day! A popular item at any wedding. 

Wilderness Ridge does not own the rights to these photos. 

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