Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bouquet 101

Let’s talk bouquets.  If you’re like me, and you classify anything with petals as “flowers” because you have no earthly clue what anything is called… It may be hard to pick out an appropriate bouquet for your wedding day.  Well, this will be a learning experience for us all. 

History Lesson
It is rumored that in ancient times, brides originally used bouquets of spices and herbs to ward off evil spirits.  An added bonus of these bouquets was to cover any unpleasant smells from the bride, considering bathing was not a frequent practice back in the day.  Sometimes the bouquet of edible arrangements was eaten during the wedding feast.  Eventually the brides wanted to liven up their bouquet and added flowers into the mix. 

Check out this awesome wed-fographic! Designed to help the happy couple find the right florist and the right flower arrangements. 

Bouquet 101

Meanings of flowers
With deep roots of flower meanings, there come many websites that hypothesize the meanings of individual flowers.  I will provide the websites used for the following section at the end. 

The following are a few bouquets that I see frequently on Pinterest. This year, the common theme for bouquets have been large flowers. Here are a few examples with some meanings. 

Peonies: healing, happy life, happy marriage, compassion, and bashfulness. However it may also represents indignation or shame.
Garden roses: light pink garden, or english rose represents pleasantness and innocence.

Tulips: generally symbolizing perfect love.
Hyacinth: symbolizes playfulness and a sporty attitude with extreme rashness. It also represents constancy of love and fertility.
Camellia: graciousness, steadfastness, excellence, and it's a good luck gift for a man. 

Callalily: magnificence, regal and beauty. 
Hydrangea: heartfelt emotion. This flower can represent gratitude for being understood, but in the negative sense it symbolizes frigidity and heartlessness. Be careful!

Dahlia: good taste, pomp, a symbol of commitment and bond that lasts a lifetime. 
Succulents: this desert flower represents endurance and longevity. 

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