Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bridesmaid Dresses

So you're having a wedding. And your best friends cannot seem to agree on any of the bridesmaid dress selections. It's a common problem! The whole dress fiasco can lead to many problems during those planning months (and sometimes on the big day!). There's no doubt that the search for the bridesmaid dress can be just as hard as the bride's dress. Bride's will spend hours looking for the perfect dress. But if you feel that you're going no where with the bridesmaid dresses, spend more time looking at photos to find what you like. Here our some that we found appealing. 

A more traditional take on the bridesmaid dresses; simple and long. However, a common trend recently has been highlighting the maid of honor in the same cut but different color dress. 

You love your friends because they're individual. Why not let them show their characteristics through their dresses? 

Another photo of mismatched dresses. To make sure the dresses are fashionable and not totally random, have a common denominator: same length and color scheme. 

A personal favorite of mine: who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Lace & sequins!

Same cut skirt in different colors for a shirt & skirt look.

A trendy look this year has been white bridesmaids dresses. Who says the bride is the only one allowed to wear white?

This picture combines mismatched, white, and cute all together!

Lots of bridal parties are doing neutral colors, including gray. Combine with a colorful bouquet, and you have a sweet ensemble!

To avoid day of the wedding problems: put an initial on the dress hangers. No accidental switching of dresses!

Wilderness Ridge does not own the rights to these photos. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recent Moments at Wilderness Ridge

We have been posting so many pictures lately of weddings that we thought it might be a nice idea to showcase weddings from our grounds.  The following pictures were taken from recent events at Wilderness ridge. 

A beautiful ceremony on the Wedding Island. 

A sweet moment taken on a stroll on the golf course. 

So many photo opportunities around the golf course. 

Elevator shot. 

Hanging mason jars with flowers on Wedding Island.

A candid moment during a speech. 

Cute bride & groom champagne glasses.

S'mores bar, anyone? 

Lovely first dance moments.

Lights in the Yellowstone. 

If you're interested in booking your outdoor ceremony and/or indoor reception, contact our Social Events Coordinator Kelsey (402.434.5121).

Wilderness Ridge does not own the rights to these photos and we encourage you to check out the photographers who have water-marked these beautiful pieces.

Also, The Lodge at Wilderness Ridge has introduced a new menu this week! Be sure to come by and check it out. We also have live bands on Friday and Saturday nights!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bouquet 101

Let’s talk bouquets.  If you’re like me, and you classify anything with petals as “flowers” because you have no earthly clue what anything is called… It may be hard to pick out an appropriate bouquet for your wedding day.  Well, this will be a learning experience for us all. 

History Lesson
It is rumored that in ancient times, brides originally used bouquets of spices and herbs to ward off evil spirits.  An added bonus of these bouquets was to cover any unpleasant smells from the bride, considering bathing was not a frequent practice back in the day.  Sometimes the bouquet of edible arrangements was eaten during the wedding feast.  Eventually the brides wanted to liven up their bouquet and added flowers into the mix. 

Check out this awesome wed-fographic! Designed to help the happy couple find the right florist and the right flower arrangements. 

Bouquet 101

Meanings of flowers
With deep roots of flower meanings, there come many websites that hypothesize the meanings of individual flowers.  I will provide the websites used for the following section at the end. 

The following are a few bouquets that I see frequently on Pinterest. This year, the common theme for bouquets have been large flowers. Here are a few examples with some meanings. 

Peonies: healing, happy life, happy marriage, compassion, and bashfulness. However it may also represents indignation or shame.
Garden roses: light pink garden, or english rose represents pleasantness and innocence.

Tulips: generally symbolizing perfect love.
Hyacinth: symbolizes playfulness and a sporty attitude with extreme rashness. It also represents constancy of love and fertility.
Camellia: graciousness, steadfastness, excellence, and it's a good luck gift for a man. 

Callalily: magnificence, regal and beauty. 
Hydrangea: heartfelt emotion. This flower can represent gratitude for being understood, but in the negative sense it symbolizes frigidity and heartlessness. Be careful!

Dahlia: good taste, pomp, a symbol of commitment and bond that lasts a lifetime. 
Succulents: this desert flower represents endurance and longevity. 

Wilderness Ridge does not own the rights to any of the photos used in this post. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top Underrated Wedding Songs

Hello, my name is Hailey and the past couple blog posts have been written by me (hopefully you're enjoying them!).  But let me introduce myself as this: I am passionate about music.  I have been apart of the Wilderness Ridge family for several years now and have worked all throughout the facility.  I have worked many weddings as a banquet server, and being the complete music geek that I am, I have gained a decent idea of popular wedding songs.  

This post is designed to promote the under dogs in the music world, and maybe to inspire you to incorporate these songs for the traditional dances, or in your overall playlist. 

Rustic Theme

Gimmieakiss by The Avett Brothers
The Avett Brothers are definitely creating a name for themselves.  This North Carolina based bluegrass/rock band has lots of sweet tunes.  Check out Gimmieakiss as a toe-tapping song to get everyone dancing.

I've Got This Friend by The Civil Wars
This duo has a great album called Barton Hollow. My intreptation of this song is of two friends who are head over heels for each other.  Cute song for a bride & groom dance.

Oh La La by The Faces
Definitely an underrated group dance song for the playlist. Such a philosophical chorus, as well: "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger". 

Love Love Love by Tristan Prettyman
Who doesn't love when a girl sings and plays the guitar? Take a hint from the song title, it's a cute little love song.  Also, this song would fit in the beach category as well! 

Vintage Theme

Waltz for Debby

Here's the deal, I have selected two different versions of this song: An instrumental jazz version and an acapella version. The above video is the instrumental piece by the original composer Bill Evans with Cannonball Adderley on the alto saxophone.  
The second video is the acapella version by The Real Group. The lyrics by Gene Lees tell the story of a little girl who grows up.  Perfect for a bride and father dance. But, if you're not into the "Glee" feel, you can still use the instrumental version. 

Misty by Ella Fitzgerald
The beautiful Ella.  Just listen to this ballad and you'll love the idea of dancing with your husband to this song. Just being fully in love with your husband and classic jazz standards.

Four by Miles Davis & John Coltrane
Everyone's heard the name Miles Davis, but do many actually know a song by the famous jazz trumpeter? Play this tune to get people in their dancing shoes or as up tempo background music. 

Urban Theme

Dress & Tie by Charlene Kaye feat. Darren Criss
Totally adorable song that is a perfect wedding song. Just listen to it, and marvel at how cute it is. "I'll wear that dress if you wear that tie and baby, we'll dance through the night - cause no one's got what we got going". 

Just Like Heaven (cover) by Charlotte Martin
Shout out to all my Cure fans! The frontman for the Cure wrote this song about his girlfriend who later became his wife.  But if you want to use the ballad version for a dance with your man, this might be the one. 

The Girl by City and Colour
Okay, guys. Need a song to dedicate to your totally selfless lady? This is it. The lyrics tell a story of a man who is eternally grateful to his lady who is always there for him. First part is ballad, second is a jamming upbeat tune to the same lyrics.

Single Ladies (cover) by Sara Bareilles
Alright, Single Ladies by Beyonce is the anthem for the bouquet toss. However, why not add a twist of a cover? Sara Bareilles is a magical human-being who is incredibly talented. Check out her creative interpretation of Single Ladies.

Beach Theme

Paint it Golden by Jason Reeves & Colbie Caillat
A nice ballad for the general playlist or for a special dance.  

Groovin' Slowly by John Butler Trio
Let's get everyone grooving with this song. I can already imagine the sand in-between my toes while slow dancing to this piece. 

The Girl from Ipanema by Stan Getz feat. João & Asturd Gilberto
Okay, so many people may recognize this song and refer to it as "elevator music" but seriously, so much potential to this song. Just listen to the lyrics of Asturd Gilberto. Groove to the sunset to this piece. 

It Don't Matter by Donavon Frankenreiter
Come on, if you're doing a beach theme wedding, it's just gotta groove and be relaxed. "If it don't matter to you, it don't matter to me"!

Vineyard Theme

Que Sera, Sera by Doris Day
So when trying to differentiate between "vintage" and "vineyard" I came up with this: Vintage is more jazz while vineyard is a classic theme.  Que Sera is a nice piece to get everyone dancing or as nice background music. You may even hear the grandparents talking about their favorite Doris Day films while dancing to this song.

Comme des Enfants by Coeur de Pirate
So it's not Italian, but the French language still puts the theme to life. No worries, this video does have an "almost" accurate English translation to it as well. 

Lay Lady Lay by Magnet feat. Gemma Hayes
This sultry piece is a Bob Dylan cover. However this song would make a great bride & groom or couples dance. 

Great Songs No Matter What the Theme Is

I Put a Spell on You by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Whether your wedding is near Halloween or not, this classic is definitely not heard enough at weddings. Gotta give credit to the classic rock genre!

I'm Coming Home by Diddy - Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey 
I won't lie. I actually heard this song recently on a commercial for a TV show. But I immediately fell in love with this song. If you're more into a hip hop feel you should give this song a shot. 

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher by Jackie Wilson
Get everyone dancing with this classic. Come on, can the lyrics or title get any better for proclaiming your love to another person? 

So this is just some of my suggestions after quickly running through my iTunes. I'm positive that I've missed a ton of other spectacular songs that need to be on this list. Do you have any ideas? Comment with your favorite underrated wedding songs! Keep checking back for part two of this list!

Wilderness does not own the rights to any of these awesome songs.