Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awesome Wedding Resources

Let’s first touch on the obvious go-to website that many future brides are exploring everyday: Pinterest.  There is no doubt that Pinterest holds a plethora of photos that link to hundreds of websites for wedding inspiration.  Be sure to check out our own Wilderness Ridge Pinterest!

Sara Morgan wrote this fabulous article for the app-savvy couple.  The article focuses on her top five recommendations for wedding apps.  The applications touch on five important topics: photography, DIY-inspiration, fitness, gift registry, and a DIY website/app for your wedding.

The Knot: Lots of newly engaged couples are finding themselves on this website.  The Knot has a lot to offer: DIY wedding planning help, lists of venues, DJ’s and more, the option to create your own blog for your friends and family near and far, and the website also functions as a mini wedding specific Pinterest with many ideas.  With such a wide array of resources, it's easy for us to miss something. Feel free to check it out yourself! 

This website is a gem! Top Wedding Blogs updates every year with popular blogs to provide resources on tips, trends, advice, and inspiration from all over the web.  Go ahead and explore this list to see if anything catches your eye.

Weddings by Lilly is a nice and simple wedding blog that provides insight on popular trends, dresses, hair & makeup, stationary, food, and inspiration on color schemes, decorations, flowers, and favors. Plus, this website offers an advice section titled “F.A.Q.”

Need some wedding dress help? This infographic is a great resource for dress shapes, neckline, waistline, sleeve types, back, and train.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Outdoor Summer Wedding

A helpful post created by Hailey Berres

Let’s talk Summer Weddings. There’s no doubt that many like summer weddings, especially if you find the perfect location with an ideal view. Whether you’re gearing up for your own summer wedding or planning one in the future, we have some ideas that you should know. 

I do…

  • Do promise to provide heat relief: If you plan on having a short, ten-minute ceremony, you should still factor in possible delays.  Ten minutes could easily turn into twenty, or even thirty minutes. Keep your guests comfortable and avoid sunburns.
    • Suggestion: Have a survival station with sun block, bug spray, and anti-itch crème.

  • Do promise to keep everyone hydrated and fed: A hot bridesmaid is one thing, but a sweaty, famished and dangerously parched bridesmaid is a whole different situation. Give yourself, your wedding party, and guests plenty of opportunities to stay hydrated with some light food.  Be sure that if you serve food outside that the temperature is appropriate to avoid some hazardous food poisoning.
    • Suggestion: Keep a flavored water station near your survival station. Give guests the opportunity to get a drink of delicious mint water before your ceremony.
  • Do consider light materials for the wedding party attire.  Between the sun, heat, and then grooving on the dance floor, it’s important to consider the material and weight of the dresses and tuxes.  To cut down the sweat, the bride may consider a modern short dress option.  However, if you can’t resist the elegant ball gown, then wear it for the ceremony and change into a shorter dress selection for the reception.  A groom can also consider a crisp linen suit and leather sandals option or a beach look, khakis and a button down.
    • Another tip: If you plan on getting married in an open field of grass, consider wearing flats, wedges, or going for the more natural approach of barefeet.
The above photos showcase great examples of elegant yet short dresses. 
Check out these stylish guys in colorful linen suits! 
  • Do take advantage of seasonal flowers for bouquets and centerpieces.  They will not only provide the appropriate seasonal atmosphere, but also help keep the budget down.  Summer flowers are more resistant, however still may wilt by the end of the glorious event.
Here's a great example of taking advantage of those beautiful flowers during the ceremony.

  • Do want to have jammin’ tunes. If you have a DJ, request them to play some fun summer themed songs such as Under the Boardwalk, In the Summertime, Boys of Summer, etc!
  • Do want my guests to hear my vows.  Consider how noisy your surroundings are: waves crashing on the beach, leaves wrestling in the wind, kids playing in the park. Consider mic’ing your ceremony.
  • Do plan on using your surroundings. Not just the beautiful view your ceremony will overlook, but your landscape too. Here are some examples:

  • This is a nice opportunity to utilize your surroundings. Use a tree as a Family Tree to add photos of your family members and acknowledge those who are not with us anymore or could not make the wedding.  
    Don't want to put any signs in the ground? Hang up a sign on a tree or on a fence to lead your guests to the wedding.
    • Do want to inform my guests that it is an outdoor wedding so they can plan and dress accordingly.
    • Do want a backup plan incase of severe weather. My guests should not have to suffer to hear me say “I do.” Talk to your venue to see if there is an indoor or tent option to help cover you and your guests from a heat advisory, rain, and other inclement weather.

    • Do want my bridesmaids to be comfortable and not sweaty.  Give the girls some options to have their hair in an updo if they desire.

    I don’t…

    •  Don’t want my guests to eat heavy foods.  Keep the menu simple and light.  Hearty foods and heat will make for some unhappy campers.
      • Suggestions: Stick with a seasonal menu that includes grilled entrees and local fresh produce.
    • Don’t let your guests become dehydrated.  Alcohol and prolonged sun exposure can become hazardous.
      • Suggestions: Provide drink tickets to your guests to limit alcohol consumption.  Perhaps host one seasonal cocktail drink with low alcohol content.
    • Don’t forgo the save-the-date! Summer vacation is a hot time for family vacations.  Send your announcements early to avoid no-shows due to travel plans. 
    Notice that the date is very prominent on this Save the Date!

    • Don’t start your wedding around midday.  With the sun at its strongest, guests will be discouraged to come to the ceremony or will be irritated by reception time.  Start the ceremony in late afternoon for a sunset dinner.
      • Bonus to having a late afternoon wedding: taking photos during the Golden Hour. Many photographers like to take photos around one to two hours before sunset. Be sure to consult with your photographer to schedule your golden opportunity. 
    Be sure to take full advantage of your surroundings! 
     We love the glow of the Golden Hour!

    • Don’t want the wrong “season” for my bridesmaid’s dresses.  This may seem like a no-brainer: Stay away from long, heavy, and dark colored dresses.  Your bridesmaids will appreciate it!
    • Don’t leave your cake sitting in the sun. A fondant cake cannot stay out in direct sunlight; the cake will wilt and become warm.  Bring out the cake table an hour before dessert to allow the butter cream to come to a room temperature.
    • Don’t want any of my guests to fall.  Be sure to walk around the area enough times to find where a hole or tree stump may be and tastefully make it visible to your guests.
    • Don’t want to have a dark disaster.  If you plan on partying outside for the rest of the night, consider your power source and how you can light up the night. 
    Illuminate the night with string lights or use your surroundings to hang single lights.

    There is also nothing wrong with some Christmas lights!
    • Don’t want any accidents. Be sure to consider the water closet situation, where the closest bathroom is or if you should provide a temporary outdoor facility.
    • Don’t let your bridesmaids show off everything! Make sure the girls are still modest incase of wind.

    Let the summer festivities begin!

    Feel free to comment on your own summer ceremony suggestions!

    Wilderness Ridge does not own the rights to the photos used in this post.