Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wedding 101: Matching Look to Location

As someone who loves to fantasize about my future wedding, I find it easy to get lost in multiple themes and design ideas--some of which have nothing to do with one another. After countless hours of much-loved research on wedding blogs, forums, and websites like Pinterest, I find it imperative to stick with one [or two complimenting] schemes in order to enhance the environment chosen for such a special day.

Here at Wilderness Ridge, our clubhouse has a distinctive "woodsy" ambiance of which ties into the ever-developing natural look and movement of going green. Whether it be a ceremony set in Mother Nature herself or a reception in a ballroom such as ours, this post is chock-full of charming images to inspire your creativity and help bring this vision to life.

There are tons of natural color palettes for inspiration available on the internet. Try searching for words like woodsyearthy, and rustic 

Your guests will receive a sneak-peak of your wedding theme by sending out matching invitations.

I simply adore how versatile this style of decor is. {simple} {elegant} {detailed} {whimsical}

Utilizing every decorative option will further develop the woodland feeling.

Adding a soft glow with candles and strings of lights will create an outdoorsy look inside.

Antiques and rustic country accents work hand-in-hand with the wilderness look.

Earthtoned flowers and burlap make beautiful bridal bouquets, and I am just loving the use of cotton as an alternative to flowers!

 These cakes are almost too pretty to eat!

Food and beverage displays are a great way to impress your guests--just look at how thirst-quenching the lemonade stand looks!

The dress and accessories can further complete the look and feel of the wedding.

Twine-wrapped dried naturals make for earthy boutonnieres to accent the gentlemen. 

A combination of woodgrain, burlap, and greenery create a natural setting with a variety of textures and details.

The options are endless!


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