Friday, March 1, 2013

Non-floral centerpieces

Who said the centerpiece has to be on the table? I love this idea! 
Functional and can double as a favor!
We love the idea of bringing the farmers market to you
decor; everything from aromatic herbs to baby artichokes
We are seeing a huge trend in these hardy greens replacing your more traditional floral centerpieces.  The best part is with the variety of colors these edible
treats have to offer; your almost sure to pull off any season!

 I love this idea, I even did something similar at my own wedding!
      They used the books as a cupcake stand but the ideas are endless for centerpieces.  I glued photos to the inside of old books an used them as picture frames (it was rather inexpensive an everyone loved them).  My family even took them home as favors.  A Novel Idea located in
   downtown Lincoln has a huge a variety of sizes and colors of vintage books for under a dollar each...what a steal!
 "green and economical"



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