Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Trend: Colorful Gowns

This year has been full of statement-making wedding trends, and one of our favorites is the non-white gown. We've spotted pale, bold, & multi-colored gowns in countless magazines and internet articles, and we just love the impression it makes!

Yellow is often associated with joy, happiness, and energy.

We are loving the details on these gray dresses.

Green often symbolizes growth & harmony. 

This color really POPS in the sunlight!

Soft peaches and pinks are on the top of the trend list.

A brown dress would be perfect for an autumn wedding.

Red is a very bold color frequently used to express strength, passion, and desire.

The Ombre look is quite popular with cakes this year...and it's fun on the dress, too! 

The best of both worlds: a peek of color with the traditional white or ivory gown.

If you love it, try it! Your wedding gown is a perfect outlet for expression!

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