Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Trend: Colorful Gowns

This year has been full of statement-making wedding trends, and one of our favorites is the non-white gown. We've spotted pale, bold, & multi-colored gowns in countless magazines and internet articles, and we just love the impression it makes!

Yellow is often associated with joy, happiness, and energy.

We are loving the details on these gray dresses.

Green often symbolizes growth & harmony. 

This color really POPS in the sunlight!

Soft peaches and pinks are on the top of the trend list.

A brown dress would be perfect for an autumn wedding.

Red is a very bold color frequently used to express strength, passion, and desire.

The Ombre look is quite popular with cakes this year...and it's fun on the dress, too! 

The best of both worlds: a peek of color with the traditional white or ivory gown.

If you love it, try it! Your wedding gown is a perfect outlet for expression!

Real Wedding

Wilderness Ridge would love to congratulate "Cheryl and Gary" they shared their nuptials here in front of our own roaring fireplace.on March 9th this year.  

Family cake toppers were a unique accessory to the soiree.

Wilderness Ridge's own "Build your own Barista Station"
What a great way to customize your reception!  

Vendor Shout Out!!
Wilderness Ridge would like to Congratulate 
Le Cupcake for their Television debut on Cupcake Wars!
They are set to air May 12th and we all look forward to seeing them out bake the competition!

Cupcake tower provided by Le Cupcake!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alternative and Keepsake Bouquets

More and more brides are taking a step back from the days of the long cascading fresh flower bouquets and starting a new tradition of keepsake and alternative bouquets.  These bouquets can be passed down and treasured for many years.  The best thing about these alternative bouquets is the endless creativity that can make your bouquet unique and tailored to your wedding.  It can be anything from vintage broaches to quirky buttons and it doesn't have to be just your bouquet either; we are seeing brides give alternatives to their bridesmaids as well.  Here are a few that we just adored! 

We love the idea of Pinwheels for an outdoor wedding!

 Love Poems!

  Guitar Picks!

 Even some edibles!

Friday, March 8, 2013

2nd Annual Bartenders Open!!!

 Join Us!

                                                            $15 per person

              Come enjoy and judge Lincoln's premier mixologists as     
          they battle to see who will win this years Bartender's Open!!

        Sampling of all cocktails and light appetizers will be provided!

                                             RSVP by calling 402-434-5121
                    Tickets will be available the night of at the door

too look or not too look...

        We get asked all the time the benefits of the "First Look" before the Ceremony.  The tradition actually started in a time of arranged marriages.  When the Bride and Groom were kept from seeing each other at all until the day of the Ceremony...I guess they didn't want anyone running away before the marriage took place.  With that being said here are a few pros that can really make the big bucks you shelled out for a photographer pay off.

            1. Timeline: this is a big advantage it gives your photographer a chance to do all of the necessary photos done with ease; by not trying to squeeze family, bridal party, and your alone time into the typical allotted cocktail hour.

            2. Your make-up and hair will still look flawless!

            3. Your photographer will be able to capture real raw emotion--the kind that can be difficult to show with 200 plus eyes on you.

            4. Once the Ceremony is over your family members can enjoy the cocktail hour; with you shortly behind them. Leaving you and your new husband to truly bask in your post nuptial photos!

            5. The stress of your Wedding day can be considerably lower because you will have your "hubby's" hand to hold!

                                                            Now that's a moment!!


                                                                Don't forget about Dad!

The creativity is endless!