Friday, May 25, 2012

Wedding Bouquet Trend: Succulents

This is a trend I'll admit, I had a hard time getting behind. But the more bouquets I've seen, the more I'm starting to like succulents. They're very soft and subtle and range in color from a light sage green to a dark eggplant purple.

These flowers are often found in dry, desert-like climates. You'll notice that they almost have a swollen appearance because they retain water to survive the arid climates they're found in. One of the positives for any bride looking to incorporate them into their bouquet is that they hold up really well in most climates.

They can stand on their own, or you can add bright vibrant colors to the bouquet creating a range of different looks that you can incorporate into almost any wedding. Because succulents last longer than most flowers, you can pull them out of your bouquet after your wedding and plant them. You'll have a lasting reminder of your wedding day!


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