Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Items Available to Rent!

Wilderness Ridge now has a wedding arch! Set against the stunning backdrop of our Wedding Island, it's the perfect, romantic addition for any outdoor ceremony. It will be available to rent for just $75..a far less expensive option than going through a rental supply company or buying one. Wilderness Ridge will also take care of the set up for you!

Also wanted to share with you some pictures of the new cake stand, mint plate, utensils, and champagne chiller we just got! They're perfect for any vintage themed wedding or fancy, formal affair. These will all be available to rent as well. The cake stand alone will rent for $25 while the entire package will be available for just $40. It's a less expensive option than renting or buying anywhere else, and since you'll only be using it once, it's perfect for any bride!

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