Thursday, February 9, 2012

Safety Nets for the Plunge!

A trend hitting the Midwest recently has been the decision to have your Ceremony & Reception in the same location.  This day & age a growing number of marriages are from inter-faith couples which naturally leads them to becoming more interested in non-traditional sites for ceremonies.  This trend has led to an influx of venues being chosen because they're able to host both.

There are several benefits to having your Big Day in one place.  First, the cost is usually substantially less as many venues offer a package for booking the ceremony & reception together.  Not to mention the money you can save by utilizing the flowers from your ceremony for the reception!

Another benefit that will save time & stress is choosing a location that offers dressing rooms.  Here at The Lodge we give you full access to a beautiful lounge & locker room where there is ample room for everyone to relax and get pampered while friends & family can put the finishing touches on the reception area.  There is nothing more relaxing than knowing all you have to do is walk a few steps over to the ballroom to tweak any flaw to your vision.

As many benefits as there are for the couple, the people who benefit the most are your guests.  They save on gas and any frustration that may come by having to coordinate routes from one place to another-- especially those from out-of-town.  Plus, you almost guarantee that the people who would've otherwise skipped the ceremony and just come for the reception are there for both-- which is a nice change considering so many people skip the most important part.  Afterall, the exact moment you & your future spouse say goodbye to your single life and welcome a new life as a married couple should be celebrated by all your guests.

There are many couples who choose to stay traditional and not see each other before the ceremony.  At The Lodge we give your guests a chance to have appetizers & cocktails while you take advantage of the incredible natural scenery that surrounds to take all your wedding photos.

Finally, if you choose to have your ceremony outdoors, DO NOT book it unless you LOVE your backup-plan... especially here in Nebraska.  The Lodge offers our incredible Ballroom with it's gorgeous stone fireplace as your ceremony site back-up should the weather decide to wreak havoc on your wedding day. 
Never lose sight of the fact you're finally getting married and by utilizing these safety nets you'll have less to worry about & more time to enjoy!