Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wilderness Ridge & Vern White visit Milder Manor

Earlier this afternoon, Restaurant Manager David Berry & Wilderness’ House Entertainer, Vern White, visited the Lincoln Senior Nursing Home, Milder Manor, in order to bring the residents some entertainment and fun. 

Vern White played on his keyboard & sang a collection of show tunes, musical pieces & oldies.  Vern White had actually proposed the idea—to use his talents to bring some joy to folks who aren’t able to get out and listen to music too often. 

Residents enjoyed the music, and most chimed in and sang-along when they heard songs they had known for years & years.  This is only the beginning though, as Wilderness Ridge & Vern White hope to continue to do events like this in the future all around Lincoln.
“Giving back to the community like that is something that I love doing—my partnership with Wilderness Ridge has been great, and this is just another great experience we’re able to give people together.”

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