Monday, May 16, 2011

It's all in the details!

Make your cocktail hour even more celebratory with a signature drink! This is a fun way to personalize your day and can be a great conversation starter at your reception. If your looking for inspiration for your signature drink think about your colors, a mood your looking to create or fun glassware that fits your theme.

Don't over think your drink. If you are having an elegant evening wedding champagne with a fruit garnish is a perfect fit!

If you know you want a signature drink but don't know where to begin ask the bar manager at your reception site for tips and suggestions. Bar managers know what liquors will fit your color scheme, budget and tastes!

David Berry, the Bar Manager at Wilderness Ridge, is constantly creating new and inspired drinks for our restaurant cocktail menu so he can tell you what a few crowd favorites are so you can be sure to please. You will also want to think about how the flavors will pair with the season of your wedding. Even though you love Bahama Mamas that drink may not be the best choice for your winter wonderland wedding in February. A chocolate mint martini or warm spiced cider may be more appropriate.
Drinks that follow your wedding's color theme are always a hit!
Also, make sure your signature drink fits in your budget. If you are looking for the wow factor handmade garnishes or special glassware is the way to go. If you are looking to stay in a budget there are plenty of options using house liquors and fruit juice. Another way to control your budget is by offering your drink for a limited amount of time. Designate a certain cocktail hour where you will feature the drinks. Once the meal is served you can open up a cash bar!

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