Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the season of the ugly sweater!

This past  Monday we hosted our first annual Member's Ugly Sweater Party at The Grill. We had live music, free appetizers and sandwiches from the new Grill menu, and LOTS of ugly sweaters! I don't think there is anything more fun than seeing grown men with embellished sweater vests on! (Chris Thomson I am talking about you here, that sparkling sweater vest was awesome! Please see photo HERE)

We had a contest for the ugliest sweater on a male and female and it was tough choosing a winner. Congrats to Dave Reifschneider and Bonnie Warren who won prizes just as ugly as their sweaters. Personally I was voting for Lowell Warren (see photo below)

Those are giant yarn skiers and his wife brought this sweater back all the way from California! If I could find a replica my dad would be getting one of those bad boys for Christmas this year.

Thanks to all the member's who came out to The Grill and got dressed in their ugliest attire! We had a blast decorating for the party and hope you enjoyed getting together during the holiday season. We plan on having plenty more member get-togethers so stay tuned.....

For more photos from the night CLICK HERE!

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