Monday, October 4, 2010

Credit Card Update

Dear Wilderness Ridge Members and Guests:

As you know we have become a recent victim of credit card theft. This is an unfortunate and unpredictable situation and we can relate with those of you who have been impacted personally. With the help of a nationally recognized computer forensic team we are continuing to work to identify and prosecute the perpetrators. Until then, we have shifted to a secure over-the-phone credit card processing system. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to correct this setback.

Wilderness Ridge


  1. We trusted you with our credit cards, you receive a failing grade. It was your personal responsibility as a business to protect our credit card transactions, you did not do this. What else are you unable to protect? Is your kitchen sanitary? You say yes, but you also thought your credit transactions were secure too!

  2. It is NOT Wilderness Ridge's fault that this happened. Blame the hackers. It's SO much easier for people to see the glass half empty. Don't be mad at the The Ridge and their hard workers, be upset with the hackers. The hackers are who to blame! I'm shocked with todays society and technology that this is really a surprise to people that this has even happened. It was going to happen eventually to some business. Unfortunately, it happened to The Ridge and now they are the ones suffering from it. Give them a bit more of a break, and again, be angry with the hackers.