Friday, May 28, 2010

News from our Superintendent, Derek Nicholson

Sand trap that will be re-built to prevent water pooling
Wilderness Ridge is a beautiful place to enjoy both as a customer and as an employee. I can't think of a place I would rather be on a daily basis than on our golf course taking in the views I have helped create. Top to bottom I am proud of Wilderness Ridge but it is not without problems. Looking with a critical eye at our golf course reveals that our number one area of concern is our sand traps. Sand traps take an unbelievable amount of labor to maintain and we are trying to keep 91 of them in top shape at all times.

New liner being installed to protect from sand contamination.
The key to a good sand trap is what's under the sand, not what is on top. Traps must have liner under the sand stapled to the subsoil of the bunker. The liner looks like a furnace filter and serves several purposes. It holds sand in place during a rain event and it keeps the subsoil from collecting in the bottom of the trap and contaminating the drain tile. Our traps at Wilderness Ridge were built without liner. After 10 years they now have contaminated drain tile and hold water like a pool every time it rains.
Re-built sand trap on hole 1 of the Champsionship Course

This all leads us to today and what we are doing to fix our sand traps. I put together a sand trap repair plan, identifying the problems and solutions of every trap on the property. Some traps have already been re-built, and some fo the traps we are filling in with soil and sodding them. The others will be re-built and as a group we decided to re-do every trap on 1, 17, and 18. To date we are on hold 17, with hole number one all done. We have finished two traps on 17 and will soon be moving to hole 18 to go.

Our goal is to eventually get through the entire golf course. A plan is in place and thankfully the resources have been approved to get the job done. It's quite a challenge thinking of how far we hae to go but every tiem we complete a bunker, the way we look at it, it is one less trap we have to pump out and push sand every time it rains. I hope our members and the rest of our patroms understand where we are going concerning out traps and continue to enjoy everything Wilderness Ridge has to offer.

Derek Nicholson
Wilderness Ridge Golf Club

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A thank you from our Sandals trip winners!

I wanted to post this great photo of Jim and Cec Kelley, the lucky winners of our "Sea Food and Seaview" promotion with KFOR. The couple won a great trip to the Grand Bahamian Sandals resort along with a romantic dinner provided by Wilderness Ridge. We received a very thoughtful thank you from the couple this week and they enjoyed both the meal and the trip!
So glad we could be a part of their fun memories!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Partly sunny and 73 Degrees!! Finally it feels like golfing weather again. Sadly it doesn't look like it's going to last long with chances of rain this weekend. So grab your clubs, take a personal day at work and get on the course! It's is gorgeous out there and the course looks great.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sign up for Savings!!

Be sure to sign up for our E-Club this week! We will be emailing out two new specials next week for golf and for dining. Log on to and click on "Join our E-Club" on the right hand side. You'll receive monthly emails about new features, golf promotions and savings throughout Wilderness Ridge. If at any time you'd like to opt out of the emails just unsubscribe.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Come on Summer!!

With all this cold, rainy weather lately it's difficult to get out on the course. Fortunately the Nebraska Golf Academy is open and provides a warm and dry place to practice your swing! With indoor hitting bays and an indoor green you can keep your game sharp without facing the elements. Call the Golf Shop to reserve your bay at 434-5106. Each bay can be reserved for a one hour period and the Academy is open from 8am to 7pm.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pelini Foundation Tees Off for Charity at Wilderness Ridge

May 3, 2010
Contact: Mark McDonald 309-0721

Lincoln, NE - What do you get when you host a golf tournament with Ndamukong Suh, Larry the Cable Guy, Doc Sadler and over a dozen former Husker football stars and coaches? A lot of errant tee shots on one hand, but on the other, the opportunity to raise over $100,000 for Nebraska charities.

Bo Pelini with Wilderness Ridge Head Pro Chris Thomson
On a sun-drenched afternoon, the Bo Pelini Foundation, led by its namesake, hosted the inaugural Bo Pelini Celebrity Golf Tournament at Wilderness Ridge Golf course in Lincoln on May 3. To the delight of all concerned, the event raised between $125,000.00 for the Bo Pelini Foundation.

Connie Jamrog, the foundation’s executive director, said all of the money raised by event will stay in Nebraska to help Nebraskans in need.

“Support for this year’s event has been amazing,” Jamrog said. “Bruce Berres and his team at Wilderness Ridge went out of their way to make this event a success.”

“Our corporate donors really stepped up this year even in these tough economic times,” added Jeff Jamrog, Asst. Athletic Director for Football Operations for the Huskers and Connie Jamrog’s husband.

The event was sold out, and sponsors donated $2,500 each to the foundation. Recent Nebraska football stars Suh, Barrett Ruud, Phillip Dillard and Joe Ganz were on hand, along with legends including Tommie Frazier, Johnny Rodgers, and Rich Glover.

The event started with lunch in The Lodge at Wilderness Ridge’s Yellowstone room, followed by a shotgun start. There was a silent auction during the day and after the golf tournament, the players were treated to a steak dinner at the Lodge and live auction featuring a large array of Nebraska Athletics’ items, among numerous other prizes.

Celebrity guest Larry the Cable Guy
Foursomes were paired with a former football standout, coach or celebrity. The event followed a shamble tournament format, where every golfer drives and the team uses the best one and plays the rest of the hole on their own. Many of the former Huskers looked a lot less comfortable with a golf club in their hand than they did in a full set of football pads, which contributed to most of the teams being on the course for six hours.

Pelini got the tournament started by thanking all of the contributors and volunteers. He challenged everyone to an ugliest swing contest, chiding defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders: “Most of you don’t have a chance at winning that one. I’ve seen Marvin Sanders swing and nobody has a swing that ugly.”

Connie Jamrog said the Bo Pelini Foundation committee, which consists primarily of the wives of Nebraska football coaches, has worked hard to prepare for this event, the second major fund-raiser for the foundation. The first is Football 101, an introduction to Nebraska Football primarily designed for women. She also praised the Wilderness Ridge Staff and volunteers.

Kristen Stark and her sons Philip, 15, and Benjamin, 12, were among the 30 Wilderness Ridge members who volunteered their time to ensure the event was a success.

“My kids like to help out and this was a good opportunity for them to contribute,” said Stark.

It appears the event has a permanent home at Wilderness Ridge Golf course.

“It’s hard to beat the level of support we’ve received here.,” Connie Jamrog said. “We look forward to doing this again next year.”